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Eye Examination


If you’re not suffering from any obvious symptoms, you may think that your vision is fine and that your eyes are healthy. However, the only way to be really sure is to visit an eye care professional once a year for a comprehensive eye examination. Like all other things in the human body, eyes also require special care. Especially these days, when you expose your eyes to screens for major part of your day. This can severely affect your eyes, so it is better to get your eyes checked regularly. Book an examination today and be sure of your eye health.

Many common eye diseases such as glaucoma and age-related macular degeneration often come with no warning signs – an eye exam is the only way to detect these conditions in their early stages. Our facility offers friendly and professional examination for all such diseases. Our diagnosis system is competitively the best in the area. We make sure a timely diagnosis is made, to take care of any eye related disease.

An eye examination at Mersey Eyecare is nothing to worry about. Before your optician begins to test your eyes, you will be asked some non-invasive questions about your family medical history. This simply enables your optician to tailor your sight test to your individual needs. You will then have your eyes thoroughly examined by a friendly professional using some of the most advanced technology available. We think it is important to mention here that our equipment is state of the art, and our staff are specially trained to handle the equipment to perfection.

It is important to remember that an eye examination today is about much more than simply testing your eyes. In fact, opticians are often the first people to detect a number of health problems including high blood pressure and cholesterol, diabetes and even cancer. So, don’t think that this is something you should avoid. Get an examination appointment today!

Consequently, routine eye examinations are extremely important – regardless of your age or physical health – so make sure you don’t leave it too late.


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