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How Anti-Glare Lenses Can Make Driving Easier

As winter draws in and we see fewer hours of daylight, driving can become more of a struggle. Glare from the low-lying sun during the day and bright headlights at night can leave you with eye strain and a headache after driving, but it doesn’t have to be this way. Anti-glare glasses can make a big difference to driving, especially at night.

First, Get Your Eyes Checked

Have you had an eye exam recently? You legally need to be able to see a number plate from 20m away when driving, so if you’re finding it harder to focus, it’s time to get your eyes tested. If you already wear distance glasses for driving, your prescription might have changed over time.

We have one of the best ranges of designer glasses in Liverpool, so if you do need to start wearing glasses, we can help you choose a pair you’ll love that will also cover your visual needs.

Anti-Glare Lenses

Anti-Glare Lenses

Both glass and their lenses are naturally reflective. When light bounces off the surface of the lens, it means it’s not getting through to your eyes, reducing your clarity of vision. If your lenses have a special coating to reduce reflections and glare, it means that almost all the light passes through the lenses. This will give you sharper, more comfortable vision.

Safer Night Driving

Driving in the dark is the time you’ll really notice the difference between standard and anti-reflection lenses. Car headlights are notorious for causing glare and obscuring your vision. Anti-glare glasses will cut out that dangerous glare, making driving at night much more pleasant and safer for you.

Get Anti-Glare Glasses

If you need to book an eye test in Liverpool or want to find out more about anti-glare lenses, contact us. At our Aigburth Road opticians in Liverpool, our friendly team are always happy to talk you through the different lens options and help you choose the right ones to suit your lifestyle and visual needs.  


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